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Mickey began cutting diamonds in 1972. From his small cutting shop in Scottsdale, Arizona he manufactures rough and specializes in repairing damaged stones and recutting older styles to modern proportions. He buys secondhand finished stones as well which are often recut and resold to the trade.

From 1978 to the present he has been dealing in rough and mining alluvial deposits in the Mano River Union Countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

In his efforts to build a more environmentally conscientious and sustainable business in West Africa he now focuses his attention on low-impact dredging and customizing the cutting process. By leaving a small footprint on the environment and maximizing the beauty and value of the rough he has been able to better give back to the people and the communities that have been instrumental to his growth.

He now mines select alluvial sites and produces signature cuts that respect the individuality of each piece of rough.

Contact Mickey:

Mickey's Diamond Works
7402 E Camelback Rd #E
Scottsdale AZ 85251
tel (480) 945-1259
fax (480) 945-4408